The exhibition is presented in two parts: the entry is an installation of archived personal and rescued objects presented like a storefront window. This installation shares a view into my creative space, albeit an idealized and curated version of my working studio. By arranging these objects in such a way, I invite viewers into a deeply personal space, as if you are in my studio alone, allowing for personal connections to my collections. The interior of the gallery contains large, detailed portraits of keepsakes given to me by my mother. Each photograph is given a written story as to its origins in a very matter-of-factRead More →

I would not say I am a traveler. I never experienced that desire to explore new places and I’ve never listed traveling the world as a life goal. In childhood, family trips were few in number and were filled with conflict and turmoil amongst my parents and I. Perhaps this is why extended travel is a source of anxiety. Years before I began my graduate studies, I was carefree in my desire to visit Japan. It felt like something that couldn’t actually happen. As I started taking courses on Japanese art history and researching kawaii (cute) culture, both my desire to travel to Japan andRead More →